Monday, March 3, 2008

weekend fun

This weekend there was a family event at the Forks, the snow screen, where they showed short films outside on a movie screen carved out of snow. We had spent saturday afternoon at Nana and Papa's and left there in a rush to get to the forks for the Event. Unfortunately we didn't know where it was exactly (we parked at the furthest parking lot assuming it was at the Global out door theatre) and wandered around all the ice paths looking for it... We made it to the old train bridge on time to see the fireworks marking the end of the evening. The fireworks were exciting but not enough to squelch the disappointment of missing the films. Jack was especially sensitive and angry about our getting there late. We went home to have hot chocolate and slept over in the living room together...
and in attempt to redeem our weekend family fun we spent a couple hours at Kildonan Park sunday morning, sledding together and having hot chocolate on the hill. We had a lot of fun and learned that sometimes we need to change the original plan and make the best of a crappy disappointing situation.

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