Saturday, March 15, 2008

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Yesterday I experienced a full day of on and off pressure (not pain) in my nether region which seemed similar to when my water broke with #3. And at points through out the day I felt like I wanted to push. I resisted the urge -envisioning a baby on the floor and no further clue what to do... But it prompted a little investigation,
(as I am due any day and my last baby was a quick delivery, I have been having dreams of waking up with a newborn in my bed with no knowledge of how it got there.)
So... I called a well respected nurse friend of mine, Mary Driedger, and asked her "Is it possible to go into delivery without contractions, should I pay attention to these urges to push as a real possibility that I am in Labour?" and she said... "YES!-Many women come in fully dialated with out ever having a contraction and that I should go get checked out."
Okay FREAK OUT time!
We looked up this website...on how to check a cervix for dialation and contemplated a trip to the hospital... settled on sleeping another night of weird dreams and if it happens again I will go in to get checked...
Pray this isn't going to be as scary fast as I am envisioning... though I am sure It would be a good story for the Giesbrecht campfire.

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Anonymous said...

Umm...I am waiting for an update! Did you have that baby? ::pacing-back-and-forth::