Sunday, March 23, 2008

still waiting.

Not unusual for some -but tomorrow is my due date, and I have never in any of my pregnancies come this close to a due date. My original thought that this baby is a prankster may yet be confirmed as we near the end of March and head for April Fools day. I am not uncomfortable in my body yet, but anxious to meet this baby (and to shop the spring sales should it be a girl -I haven't had the joys of shopping for a girl yet!)


Anonymous said...

I am hoing you are in the delivery room as I am writing this. I have 12 people having babies this month, and I was so sure you would have your baby first! There has been 4 other babies born that I know of. This one must be a girl!
Cyndy Roy

Anonymous said...

I agree, this one must be a girl. She is going to be fashionably late, lol
and shopping for girls IS so much fun, I hope you get to experiance it.
I can't wait to hear the news.
All my best!