Tuesday, May 27, 2008

garden gnomes

I have been wanting to construct a pea-teepee for the kids for a couple years now. The idea comes from Best Kids Garden Book by Sunset Publishing Corporation. I picked up the book at Beaver Lumber way way back in the day (I don't think Beaver Lumber even exists anymore) and have been wanting to do these great activities since. So yesterday the boys and I prepped our teepee with 8 foot poles we picked up at Home Depot and twine. then planted climbing snap peas with edible pods, so when it is grown up the teepee, they will have a little hideaway with snack included! That is where you will find me too in a couple months! (I love peas)
Two things that I will remember when gardening with children for next time...
1. sunscreen! I had Phin in the sling for part of the morning and the one side of his face that was exposed got sunburned, I feel terrible... It didn't occur to me that he was even in direct sun and it was a short time that he was on my person, the rest of the time he was lying in the shade. His face is blistery and weepy today and I have been in tears about being so stupid with his so sensitive skin... having had winter babies before I have never experienced this dilemma before.

2. Put the twine away as soon as you are done wrapping the teepee! Ephraim got his hands on the twine and wrapped himself up real good... I had to cut him out of his twine web. I would have taken a photo but he was pretty panicked.

He is such a "get into it" kid. I walked into the kitchen the other day and saw legs on the counter, he was trying to hide by closing the cupboard door over his upper body, while he snuck into chocolate chips... It was pretty funny... and aggravating that he gets into everything- he also sneaks in pinches and pokes while I am standing right there! we are not really sure how to deal with his behaviours most of the time! Any creative ideas?

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patty-jean said...

looking forward to seeing that green pea-teepee!