Wednesday, May 28, 2008

very best wednesday ever!

yippee! What a great mail day! Not only did the mailman come to the back door... thus saving me a trip to the post office where the devil herself works... but HE brought me some fabulous mail...
First, a package from my friend Nancy, remember? Her mom was visiting her recently and they made me some soakers for Phinehas! Thank you Thank you!

AND... Two beautiful bags from an etsy shop I discovered when researching button crafts... the pink and brown one is for Amanda. and the other super cute one is all for me! I am so impressed with the quality and cuteness of these bags!

And then, as if this day isn't already awesome enough, Mike comes home early from work bearing gifts for me! A belated mother's day gift that was back-ordered... something I have wanted for a looong time! jumping for joy!!!


Tanis said...


KindredEsprit said...

Konichiwa, Tami!

Ooh! Those are some great surprises! (coulda used that trimmer for the invitations, eh?) And I love the pics of your pea tee pee! Hopefully Phin's burn is healing well.

Oh and we're leaving Japan for Germany tomorrow (yes i know...odd combo)... didnt get your message about Gocco until tonight. I shoulda thought of that, too! I remember reading about it a while ago, too. Well, something for me to look for *next* time, right? (And no, I didnt buy the Copics this time, either.)

*hugs* from Japan!