Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who's watching whom?-Whom's watching who?- who's who here?

Today we went to the zoo on a guided tour of the "PRIMATES" We visited in the zoo classroom and learned the differences between the different types of primates, then we went to visit a few of the zoo's primate residents... Jack knew that a lemur uses his tail for balance and for a signal. and he answered that the white handed gibbon is in fact an ape and not a monkey.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the tour, I think they overcompensated with keeping the content simple, I can't blame them as the average age of our students was 3.5 but they ARE homeschooled and I think they could handle a few more facts than was shared today. I guess we are left to fill in the blanks... which is what we homeschoolers do anyway!

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Aleksa said...

Happy Mother's day Tami!
we love you so much
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