Monday, May 12, 2008

time for learning a new skill!

After many attempts to coerce friends who knit into making soakers (wool diaper covers) for Phinehas, It has become apparent there are no interested parties and I am forced to explore the world of knitting for myself...
My sister has started me out with a practice ball of yarn and the basic knit and purl. (I figured out what I was doing wrong 7 years ago when I quit learning to knit due to frustrations the first time I picked up needles!)
So this weekend I figured I was ready for my first soaker pattern.
Once again Tiffany set me up, I got the first 5 rows (ribbed k1 p1... waist band) and now I am stuck! what the heck does wl fd mean and how do I k2 together? (I understand that I am trying to make the holes for the waist string to lace through) BUT I don't know what I am doing...
so after 5 rows I am officially stuck!
I have been searching for help on-line... this is helpful but not to the point I need!

any ideas? anyone want to make me soakers? Phinehas will be 12 years old before I finish these ones!


Tanis said...

I'm a sewing dunce. Can't help ya.

tiffany said...

deep breath. it's not as hard as it seems (reading patterns is the hardest part of knitting). i'll show you next time we're together. but if you're impatient, wool forward (wl fd) i think is an older british term. you might have better luck finding a video that shows a yarn over or yarn forward. But in any case, hooray for you, taking on a new challenge. It'll be rewarding in the end, I promise. much luck!

patty-jean said...

Hey Tami! sorry for your frustrations - i can truly identify! i don't much follow the patterns....i guess you probably already googled the terms.

how are you? gotta see you do you have some sourdough starter already? or were you planning on making, or getting some from someone else?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tami, yay for giving knitting a try. I agree with Tiffany that "wl fd" means "yarn over", this link should take you to a site that has the "yarn over" issue in video form and also K2 together:
From the video clip you provided I'm going to assume that you are holding the yarn in your right hand (English knitting), is this correct? If so make sure you check out the English knitting video, the other one will only confuse the current issue. Also, if you are going to the Y on Wednesday bring the yarn and I can show you in person if you are still stuck :) Good luck!