Sunday, July 20, 2008

good grief! not another post saying how much we LOVE Morning Sound Farm....

Mom, this is Melanie's (nee. collins) youngest, Owen.
(2nd... James)

We went to Family day at the farm on saturday... saw friends from distant past, new ones, parts of ones
(Nate-without his better half and kids) and suprise ones... we loved the ducks and bunnies best this time! The bouncy tractor inner tubes were hours of fun! I can not say enough about Charlie and Dania's farm. What a great great wonderful fun fun place to go with kids to learn about, handle and cuddle farm animals. And congratulations to them, expecting their 6th baby in January! Yippee!

Mel's oldest son, Ethan. cutie!

"look at the goat, Phin"
"ooo, my toes..."

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