Monday, July 28, 2008

30 YEARS!!!

Happy 30th Anniversary MOM and DAD!!!

We enjoyed an awesome weekend at my parents little piece of paradise. under water paradise... The water is the highest it has been in decades, the garden my brother and his girlfriend planted this year is completely under water, they had a rescue mission to move all the plants. My dad has had a dozen or more loads of gravel brought in to build up the road to their island retreat... when we left Sunday night it looked like they would be needing more as the water is still rising! The kids enjoyed the outdoors despite, or probably because of the water, wading down the road when we arrived was an adventure that just got better as the weekend went on. Hiking with flippers on. Dipping for minnows on the road. Blueberry picking and frog hunting. Boating in the garden... what boy wouldn't enjoy a sleep over at grandma and grandpas!


tiffany said...

hooray for parents!
hooray for cottage island!

phil said...

oh, mom and dad. That is great. I haven't seen them in years