Friday, August 15, 2008

Hitting the Road!

We are off!
Starts with a drive to Wawota to visit the Branvolds.
Then off to Drumheller to visit the dinosaurs, and meeting up with friends at Big Valley Creation Science Museum, then into Calgary for some zoo action...and visiting.
Saying goodbye to Daddy who flies off to Geneva to ride a bike in the mountains while Mommy and the boys head to Edmonton to see more zoo, some cousins,some mall and some fringe.

breath... it's not over yet...

Then it's into the mountains with some Jasper National Park-ing... and Kamloops to do whatever is in Kamloops???
Next stop Abbotsford to visit Nancy, who has 4 babysitters living in her house... So Mommy's going OUT on the town in Abbotsford!
And final Destination POINT ROBERTS!!!!!
where I will breath a huge sigh of relief and put up my feet for a minute... then off to the beach, the greater Vancouver zoo, the water slides, ikea, the library (to pay my fine from last summer!) visiting friends and then it will be September and Mike will fly into Vancouver and we will do it all over again in reverse!

watch for the photo updates...


cyndy said...

WoW!!! Talk about doing a whole years worth and more of vacations in one trip. Sounds like fun and not too much down time. The kids will love it and enjoy all they will do and see. I have one do you manage to line-up and coordinate everything and everybody??? I am amazed Tami. looking forward to some pics. Cyndy

Anonymous said...

ugghhhhhh.... I just emailed you to say lets go to the beach this week!!! *wahhhhhh*