Thursday, August 7, 2008

camping with fairies

This weekend was the annual long weekend "camping with cousins" pushed up to August long from September long, due to B.C. conflict-shuns....
Every year, we all (the Giesbrecht siblings and families) book adjoining campsites and spend a rip roaring good time, trusting someone else is watching our kids, or hosting a weinie roast at our firepit. This year, since it was August long weekend, we narrowly missed two important birthday, Emma turned 12 and Maryse turned 10. So I thought we should celebrate... secret-like. I made a yummy pink frosted fairy cake with real flowers and brought along a fairy craft for the cousins to do together. It was a blast.


We did other stuff too...


Anonymous said...

those are very cute fairies! you could totally etsy those. ;-)

glad to see you had a great weekend ad that it all came together!

hugs * kisses * blessings!

miss you loads, my dearest friend!


patty-jean said...

love the fairies....i'd love to have fairie-coths pins!