Sunday, August 31, 2008

mom voices her opinion... and gets results!

I got an email from my mother saying Emma's hermit crab picture isn't a satisfactory update... (I am sure she loves the picture though, Emma, and for sure voted for it.)

so... I have figured out how to download photos onto Murray's computer, giving you a mini highlights update...

temp: +38
highlights: driving into drumheller, the excitement was building to a feverish level as we spotted dinosaur statues in front of every business and Jack caught sight of the biggest dinosaur peeking over the trees...We found a crazy little camp site that was over-run with bunnies and close to everything we wanted to do in town. We toured the museum, played in the water park, climbed to the top of a tyrannosaurus, and visited reptile world.

Then we drove an hour or so north to Big Valley, Alberta and met some friends at the creation science museum... a tiny little one room museum that was worth the trip! It has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to explore this creationist view of the world a little more-not to take "science" as the truth especially where carbon dating and the age of the world is concerned... WOW!

The Calgary Zoo was Amazing! My family enjoyed seeing the elephants, giraffes and hippos the best! We lost Solomon for a bit (a scary story for another time-I still get all tense and freaky about that!)

Phin was/IS an amazing traveller. We discovered early on that morning is our best travel time, so I would nurse him just before getting into the car and we could drive uninterupted for up to 4 hours. Then a break to eat and on long travel days we could stop once to eat and once for a longer play and stretch stop, we covered a lot of ground, more than we thought possible.
I drove from Edmonton to Kamloops in one day with a potty break in Jasper National Park and a Dairy Queen stop somewhere close to kamloops(?) The kids were ALL awesome. We treated ourselves to an expensive hotel with a good pool after that stretch.
The real treat came when we arrived a day earlier that expected (due to my expertly negotiating mountains)at Nancy Friesen's house in Abbotsford. Her family was the perfect match to mine. Her boys wrestled and Her girls bounced... and my kids had an absolute blast being the center of attention with toys and trampolines and parks and dogs and teenagers to play with! I had an opportunity to nap, to shop and to visit adult-like with Nancy and a brief but great face time with Lisa Gartly. (Masterson)

Now we are in our favourite-st place, Point Roberts. With more teenagers to entertain and play with kids, Mabel beach with kayaks and tide pools to explore, Lighthouse beach with rocks, and drift wood forts and possible whale sightings, plenty of space for kite flying, running-spinning-jumping-climbing-burning things. Uncle Murray the "King of cool toys". Wii. Samba the quirky dog. Some down-to-earth quality time with Gail. Friends to catch up with (Brad and Stacy, Julie and Dave) and a pace of life I wish we could bring home with us.


tiffany said...

looks like you're having a great time... well looks like jack is having a great time especially. we miss you, it feels like forever since i've seen you!

tiffany said...

monday! hoot. wow, those couple weeks went quite quickly... but i'm excited to have you guys home. i don't have a lot planned next week except for wednesday night is the first pneumanautics (so it's been a stressful week for kyle). i also have to trek out to ram wools to exchange some yarn before my exchange time is up! call me when you get home! love you all