Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Highlights of our trip west- 5. Snakes

Not for the squeamish...this means you , Belinda...

What is everyone pointing at, you ask?

At Grandpa Ron's there was a dug out pile full of garter snakes. All the cousins went tromping over there to "hunt snakes" for grandpa (Ron is very afraid of snakes...heehee) They caught a whole bag full of every size snake, from the teeny-cute variety to the border-line eat a human variety (if a garter snake was so inclined) It was fun to see all the cousins working together to rid the farm of snakes, a never ending job to be sure. Even the cute feminine Bailey was right into the hunt. She and Solomon made a good team, though I only saw Solomon brave enough to pick up the sheds of the snakes and not the real live ones!

Cousins are fun! sneaking in a snakeless photo of Phin and his cousin Presten who is one day older than Phinehas...

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