Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mommy baked BUNS!!!

I have long been an admirer of my mother-in-laws buns and love when we happen to be there on baking day. She makes it seem like magic. And yesterday I made magic in our kitchen. I finally got over the intimidation I felt about baking buns by hand. Using her recipe... not so secret after all, I jumped into the mixing ingredients before anyone had woke up (including myself) Mike was just leaving for work and was excited at the prospect of coming home to baking...I told him not to get his hopes up I wasn't sure how this was going to end.
With one quick reference call to the magical mother-in-law to confirm size of bun dough balls, and placement on baking sheet I set my buns to rise in the laundry room, the warmest room in the house. (and who doesn't want their clothes to smell like fresh bread!)

And Presto MAGIC! at snack time mid-morning we had warm fresh buns with honey butter (local)

What a dreamy smell and atmosphere baking day has!
I have a need to share on baking days... and so a half dozen to Fran, next door, a dozen and half to Tom and Michelle who are home with new baby number 3, a handful of tasters at Gym and swim, leaving only a few for Mike (much to his dismay)
But I have a strong suspicion our flour budget just went up!



KindredEsprit said...

I *must* have this recipe, cuz indeed, she makes the best buns!!!!!!!!!!! And they are fluffy & magical!

tiffany said...

mmm. looks delicious. as for next week i think any day except wednesday works for me.