Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great impulses!

I bought this game from the clearance table at a toy store in Tsawwassen last summer... It has proven to be a good Impulse buy. It claims to have 35 game possibilities... but really... it's endless. Perfect for these boys who like to make up rules as they go. And the variety of board graphics, colourful animals and learning opportunities is amazing!

Yay for impulsiveness!

In other impulsive news... I started my pottery class yesterday. My girlfriend
mentioned on facebook on monday that she was taking a class at the stoneware gallery I, on a whim called Mike, to see if we could afford it, and then called the gallery to see if there was room in the class. There had been a drop out this week! And I squeaked into an available spot (which I am told is rare since my friend has been on a waiting list for months) so the very next day there I am... wedging my clay and learning to centre it on a potters wheel... It is much harder than it looks!
I am so pumped about spontaneous "me" time and learning a new art that I have long wished to try! (and No, we can't afford it!)


Aleksa said...

sounds like fun!!
i took pottery classes once, and loved it.
wish we were taking them together.

x A.

KindredEsprit said...

Congrats on being able to take the class...and on a whim, to boot! =)

And yay for games with endless possibilities!