Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Boys have a SISTER.

Meet Lenny.

We went to Winkler to check out what was left for puppies at Grosmama's farm. We arrived and there were only two left. Seems a bunch of them hobo-ed off in the night and two came back today.
We were introduced to Duke, the lead male of the litter and the one Grosmama is fond of, and the fuzzy little female, who stayed her distance for a while taking us in, we tried out the name we had picked for our puppy "Dodge" but it didn't seem right. We continued to call her Dodge while we were there but knew we would need to find a more suitable name.

She was a great traveller with a quiet little howl and squirm now and then before settling to sleep on my lap.
We were listening to my i-pod on the way home and some Lenny Kravitz came on a few times and Mike suggested Lenny. She seemed to approve, and Ephraim's version "Lemon" also works...
Once we got home she made herself at home in her makeshift doggy pen on the deck like she belongs. She seems the perfect pooch for us! Can't wait to get her a leash and take her around to show off!


Tanis said...

We'll have to get Lenny to meet Marbles and our new kitty Mozee :)

KindredEsprit said...

How sweet and adorable! Can't wait to meet LemonyLenny!!!

And a new kitty for Tanis!


Andi said...

omg! To-die-for-cute :) Can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

What a great Mom and Dad you are to add a dog to your menagerie of are brave!! Tami you will have to change your Blog name to 4 TRIKES AND A DOG!!! And Ilove Lemon..I bet that becomes her real name..

Anonymous said...

Oops..Tami this is Judi and I am the annonymous person that previously commented..forgot to put my name..just figuring all this stuff out!


Mike Giesbrecht said...

the thing is one of the four is on two wheels already! so the 3trikes still apply!
thanks for commenting Judi! great to hear what you think. we will have to bring Lenny on a walk with you guys some time.
I have been sad to have missed some of the ones you have had since I got the schedule!

patty-jean said...

Oh so adorable! I'm sure the boys are head over heels over her!