Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tis the season to begin dreaming dirt...

I am researching cucumber arbours... and planning my country garden, while the kids are watching t.v. and the dog is chewing a rawhide bone the size of her...
how cool would this be in my garden?

a cool little trail to wander through and pick my cukes standing instead of crawling around brushing huge leaves aside... I intend to make pickles this year... anyone coming to help me?

I wonder what else I can make tunnels with?
wow... I am inspired.

Though I do want to try to grow my tomatoes upside down from the second story patio by the kitchen (deter the deer and bunnies)

My pea teepee didn't work so good last year, but I will give the bean/pea fort another go at the farm... cross my fingers.

Also Rusty Keeler (my facebook friend LOL) has a great book that My mom was so kind to lend me, all about making creative wild spaces for kids. I really hope my garden will be a welcoming place for the kids (and their friends) to explore and enjoy working in... or just play close by.

Lots of dreaming today... it must be the green
(Happy St. Patrick's Day!)


Momsie said...

St. Patrick's Day - I completely forgot. We were engaged on
March 17, 31 years ago.
Lots of great garden ideas. Soon...

Aleksa said...

wow beautiful cucumber tunnels.

Andi said...

Daniel and i would love to pickle this year! We want to do preserves too (from the berries we'll pick at the lake) think you could teach us how? Cant wait to start gardening - i hope your carrots and onions start coming in soon :) Btw, thank you thank you thank you for the incredible gift - you are an incredibly talented person Tami!

DK said...

Oh, that looks lovely. I rent so I can't put in anything like that yet, but I can sure dream right along with you! We used to do pole bean tunnels when I was growing up. There would be 5-6 foot tall "teepees" in 2 parallel lines for the length of the garden and there would be poles going across the top to connect the teepees. By mid-late summer there would a tunnel of green bean plants to loiter around in during the hot sunny days.

Of course, my parents were raising 5 children who all like veggies, so lots of beans planted was a must!