Monday, April 20, 2009

making pita bread

Here is one of the sites I use to search and adapt bread recipes...
I wanted to try some pita today... because we have some yummy cucumbers and hummus... and I will make some pilaf or couscous later.
Using my bread machine on the dough setting, I used the bookmarked recipe (with some experimenting with types of flour combinations) and let the first rise happen inside the machine, forming the balls and setting them to rest for a half hour before shaping them into patties.

I totally burned the last couple pita's due to chatting to Patty-Jean on the phone and not staying focused... but look at the lovely pocket... amidst the darkened edges...

They do look good don't they?

Sadly they are inedible. When Jack made his bread this morning he mistakenly put the salt and sugar lids (that are labelled) on the wrong containers... so I, trusting that they were what they said they were, put way too much salt in my pita dough!!!
They are like eating dried playdough!

try again.

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patty-jean said...

So sorry about your burnt pita breads. So lovely to look at! i can almost smell it! Good talking to you TeeJ!