Thursday, April 16, 2009

my friends write books... I read them... when I can find time.

I went to college with a dynamic, fun loving, insightful man. Who, as I remember, had a very large iguana in a very large cage in his basement...

He went on to be a pastor at Dalhousie Community Church near Calgary (if you are there -go see him speak one sunday) He self-published a book, that I have read snips from on his blog and facebook over the last month or so.
I have an opportunity to hold one in my hands by telling you about his book, Finding Home and sharing some of the reviews it has had... and showing you where you can get your own copy... It would make good discussion material for your small group. "It invites you to rethink your old assumptions about faith and kingdom life." 

Pick one up for yourself, gift a friend or order a few for your church library! 

AND watch some hilarious home videos that Brad made with his kids (he replaced the lizard with some very adorable mini versions of himself and Shauna) They make me remember good times in college with good friends. 
(this makes me cringe a little, as my kids watch over my shoulder. I am glad my discipline problems have not escalated to ambushing and theatrical punch throwing... yet) 

Oh Brad... you make me laugh.

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