Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!

I Love you Dan! 
For those who know Dan, you will remember his preschool fascination with this poem. My university friends were amazed at my 4 year old brother reciting Lewis Carrol, now he is 22 and I am told he still recites poetry, though I don't get to hear it as much. 
I am proud of you Daniel, you are a thoughtful and gentle boy. I love to see your focus and drive toward ever changing goals. I love the care you put into your relationships and into your earth, your passion for gardening is inspiring. I love that you surround yourself in loving and encouraging company (read "I love you too Andi") That you are adventurous yet grounded too -seems you are able to try new things but have stability in who you are now.
love your big big sister, TJ


Momsie said...

Have a wonderful year, our "beamish boy"!

tiffany said...

happy happy happy birthday... in fact, wishing you a frabjous birthday full of callooing and callaying and chortling in your joy.

Aleksa said...

we love you! happy birthday!