Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome Back

I missed out on going to get my mom from the airport yesterday -because my household is sick again, this time I am at the head of the ranks with a wicked head cold.... with all the typical terrible symptoms.

But despite that -What I missed out on most was hugging her at the airport.  Finding out highlights of Mom's trip (and lowlights) being the first to hear of her experiences. By the time I get to talk to her, she may have told some stories a thousand times and forget to tell me... thinking she already has.

Mostly I just wanted to be there for her. 
I hoped this trip would be insightful and relaxing, I hoped she would come home strong and decisive, I hoped she would have clarity from the ocean air and beauty of the east coast...

I offer you this as a welcome home Mom, the "you're most loved" symbol of Motherhood... Wish I had been there to give it to you in person.


Anonymous said...

Awww Tami...what Mom wouldnt be blessed to come home to a message like this..lucky Wendy


Anonymous said...

Yes I wish I still could hug my mom also! Get better soon, lots of Love Lynney

KindredEsprit said...

Hope you get better soon!

I think you left your Mom a lovely welcome home gift!

Momsie said...

Lucky Wendy, indeed. I don't know what to say - What a lovely welcome home, and what a lovely daughter you are! Thanks for all your good wishes - I wish you could have been there. I will gladly tell you my stories, and I have a few for the boys. See you soon - be well!

Momsie said...

Oh, and thanks for the dandelion - and the memories. I was sitting quietly in the Halifax garden on my last evening when a beautiful little girl came skipping along with a fist full of dandelions - and her dad had one stuck jauntily behind his ear!)