Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This post about motherhood made me crack up! Seriously when do I have time to do anything just for me. Even if I do get a moment to escape the house sans kids.... there is always an errand to do, something to pick up at the post office, a dog to walk, milk to pick up. If I can squeeze in a visit with a friend ("can you hang out with me at scoop and save for an hour?") or coffee with my mom or some sort of face time with my sister (checking out the gift wares at her work because I have to get something for so-and-so) I have covered some of the important people I crave to spend more time with and got myself out for a spell... wearing my stained t-shirt and sweats that are too short.... wink.

For this mother's day, I am planning to be awarded a rushed breakfast in bed (I am hoping for cinnamon buns, fresh fruit, brie cheese and espresso- with flowers, yes?) followed by supporting my husband in his passion, freezing our tails off at the park and screaming "allez allez allez! faster daddy!" If we happen to spot him in the passing like the wind Peloton, while keeping my children from running into the road getting squished by speeding bicycles and keeping the dog from jumping on them and licking their faces that may or may not still have breakfast on them... next heading to the property to finish or continue the job of planting 1200 trees and prepping a garden space, finishing the day by hanging out at my inlaws where we (the mommies) will leave the kids and the daddies and take our movie theatre deprived mother-in-law to a good current flick... have a good cry (depending on what's available for girly flicks) and go back to our haggard "thank goodness you're back" husbands, pack up the children and go home to fall into bed after remembering to call my own mom to wish her a happy mother's day and a safe, restful trip to the east coast (wish I could come)

... breathe. Then back to the routine of motherhood madness... hopefully with one or two of these on the bookshelf, should they happen to be wrapped up for the awesome mommy in the house... cross fingers (now you know why I am posting... Mike, call my sister to get books)


swell news said...

If you get any of those books, I'm coming for coffee!

patty-jean said...

LOL - sounds like it will be/was a Great Mother's day! We also had some outdoor excursion where we FROZE...well there was ice on the lake...and really we spent more time driving than outside (oh well)
- no baby yet...but i'm less impatient then i that's some progress.