Thursday, May 14, 2009

our family portraits -By Bethanie Louden

Last weekend we spent a good deal of time on the property planting 1,200 trees... well, they were sticks and twigs with roots.

I have long admired the photography of a friend I met at Homeschooling co-op, and I invited her to come take photo's of us enjoying some quality time together.

Her photos of the day are up on her blog and as usual - I am impressed.
I am stealing a couple of my favorites to post here for you but you really MUST go look at the rest, because her work is stunning and you will want her to take pictures of your family too!

Seriously this one is great...a real... family portrait... I am so glad it doesn't look like any of these!I love the Photos and I am so glad Bethanie took the challenge of questionable weather, full sunlight and her clean, dry children mingling with the Hoodlums in the creek... (drainage ditch) We had a lot of fun!


Aleksa said...

such beautiful pictures! i love them

xoxoxo A.

patty-jean said...

WOW! Beautiful! Gorgeous Family!
(i'm a week over, and will consider my midwifes concoction this evening.)

duckyhouse said...

so beautiful...all of them!