Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painted Daisies

On Monday we took out some paint and some board, to paint a still life of the daisies Mike brought home for me on the weekend. 

Ephraim spent a great deal of time observing and delicately painting petals. 

While Solomon's was more a study of colour. Interestingly Solomon observed more by touching, and finding the insides of the flowers to be very tickle-y. 

Shhh... don't tell Uncle Daniel, these Beautiful Masterpieces are for his birthday! 


Momsie said...

They are beautiful! What wonderful artistic experiences your boys are receiving from their wonderful artistic mother!

Aleksa said...

they are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I agree the daisies Mike brought home for you has encouraged your sons and yourself to be within the realm of Mother, Earth and Nature!
Very observant and talented like their Mommy! Love you all Lynn

duckyhouse said...

wonderful, the boys did fantastic!

patty-jean said...

Beautiful, Heartwarming, Inspiring! and Yellow is the happiest colour - but you know that! sorry to hear your house has been sick, we're going thru it too...well, really just me. seems i've contracted a uterine infection since Elousia's birth - but all will be right soon.