Tuesday, June 16, 2009

house guests.

Danica has entrusted her beloved "Kermit" to us while she and her family are on holiday. 
I was apprehensive at first (I have a justified fear of killing pets while people are away... we had a japanese fighting fish death when we house sat in Point Roberts 2 years ago and I haven't recovered from the trauma yet) 
However I am completely taken with our house guest. (NOT his stinky cricket food) 
We have thoroughly enjoyed watching him climb up his holiday abode, and attack his unsuspecting food.

Cindy, Danica's mom, tried to find room to pack her lovely rose bush that was on the verge of bursting it's buds as they readied to leave. It was in all seriousness that Vic begged me to take pictures everyday when he came to drop off our charges for the week, so that Cindy could enjoy them despite not being here for the unfolding beauty... We are in awe.
I hope you have a wonderful family vacation! 
See you soon.

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