Monday, June 15, 2009

tree update

We went to check on our trees this weekend.
Most of our little marker flags have blown away, but we were able to spot new growth on most of our 1200 little trees. It is also dry enough to get the tiller to work. A late start on our country garden but it will be nice to get some things planted!

We also spotted some life in the creek. I searched for bird nests along the banks, as there were several squawky birds keeping us at bay. 
(I patted a few bugs for Aleksa too -who thinks there is a lack of petting/appreciation in the insect world -I am afraid there were a few varieties that got "pet" a little too rough) Mike and I both entered the tick competition with one a piece, Jack and Lenny are winning.

Icky leaches of varying sizes... dead crawfish, many gelly egg masses, insect nymphs...
This little piece of reed was walking... It was home to somebody, but I didn't get a good enough look to see who. (you can see a little of him at the top of the reed) I am looking forward to the daily discoveries this creek will provide!


Aleksa said...

they look so cute!

tiffany said...

leaches and ticks.
my two least favourite living creatures - well of the ones i come in contact with, at least...
but the trees look nice!

Momsie said...

I have another huge red itchy tick bite - on my stomach - just thought you'd like to know!