Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miracles never cease.

I arrived in Macoun at my brother Ryan's house at 2 a.m on wednesday, after a quick quiet greeting and tour of bathroom and couch, I bedded down for a fitful short sleep, anticipating my trip to Weyburn later in the day. I woke early and gazed silently at the beauty I had missed driving in in the dark the night before... soon stirring in the rest of the house and I was joined by Beth and baby Hudson (who is a week younger than Phin) They gave me a tour of the yard and animals and I sized up the lambs to see how many I could stuff into the mini van to take home with me.
after a wonderful visit and meal, I headed in to see grandma.
I arrived at the Home to find she was "indisposed" ( surprise! OUT OF BED!!!) being bathroomed with the help of a hydraulic old person lifter. I was quickly briefed by Aunt Judy that today she had eaten some lunch and been "up" quite a bit was tired but so much stronger than anyone predicted! I waited for her to get settled and then sat on her bed and silently looked at her waiting for recognition...
she said... "WENDY?"
I started to cry. and said "yes I am Tami jo. Wendy's daughter. I am so glad to see you grandma, and that you are getting stronger." Judy left us to visit alone.
I stayed for several hours visiting between her naps. She told me I was beautiful. 
I told her she had gentleness in her eyes and a peace that made me feel... and she filled in my blank with "home, you feel at home" 
I said "yeah, I do."
and she said "good! that's what I want"

I went back today and she was dressed and in her wheel chair looking bright and strong. 
She wanted into her bed for a sleep and she had been told no. She unbuckled her own seatbelt with fierce determination and seemed ready to spring out of her seat on her own. I told her I was worried she would hurt herself and she said "well you better get someone to help then."
I did. no arguing with grandma.

I left feeling confident that I will be seeing her again. 
on this side of heaven!

Prayers of thankfulness for her miraculous turn about... from death bed to cheeky spirited grandma, sweet and full of love for her family. 
Making plans to take my mom and the boys to see her next time. I think she will be overjoyed, I believe she has a spot in her heart reserved for her "Wendy."

Thank you all for your kind prayers and thoughts as I left on my journey, believing it was the last time I would see that special lady.


Aleksa said...

oh Tami! i am so happy and moved by this experience of yours... beautiful. and deeply felt...

you are beautiful. and i am just so pleased that you were able to feel such a connection with this part of your life.

really wonderful.

and yes, bring Wendy.

love you to pieces... and as a solid entity.

yours, Aleksa.

patty-jean said...

i realize this is a late responce - just reading this now - brings tears to my eyes! so sweet, so precious.