Friday, July 31, 2009

silly me.

This week I switched up my car stroller, from the light weight, good for malls and smooth surface travel to the all terrain, hiking, chariot variety. Upon reaching our destination (in the rain) I pulled out the big old stroller and began setting it up for our day's adventures dodging raindrops at Fort Whyte.

Low and behold. There in the back of our stroller sits my lost CAMERA! Alas the batteries are dead -so there are no photos of our adventures for the day, nor can I show you the dragonfly I spotted on Canada day... yet. But callooh callay a frabjous day none the less and I am back in business sharing our doings and goings about very soon -with VISUALS.
And none too soon, really, as we prepare to embark on a family reunion of sorts at Dorothy Lake. Where to meet all the Church brother's and their families (read: baby Brennan) for what may be the last whole family gathering at this location (as the great grandpa and grandma of this establishment is planning the unthinkable... to sell and move on to the west coast!)
A sad day indeed.

Photo's to follow - have a great long weekend all!


Aleksa said...

HAppy you found your camera! give everyone our love.

xoxoxox A

Aleksa said...

ok so now that you found your camera we need an update!!!!