Tuesday, August 18, 2009

boosting my odds.

There is a giveaway for an awesome stack of material to make an alphabet book... my kids need an alphabet book don't you think?

Go here to enter yourself, and while you are there peruse the rest of the blog, she has some cute ideas and great links to other sites... like this one I am going to make that apron! Which led me to this one, heidi and seek... she is also having a give away to win handmade pads... so enter there too!

Okay so thats it for this morning... have a better day than me. I am going to the doctor tomorrow because I have been having severe abdominal pains for three days now. I am thinking the worst... like we do when something isn't right... crossing my fingers it isn't ulcers... or blocked intestines or some crazy stomach disease.... Like my sister-in-law suggested -lets pray I just need some metamucil!

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Aleksa said...

you are so sweet tami! thank you for the gifts... so incredibly thoughtful as always...

i will give Elina the little hat next time i see her which will be in a few weeks... she's on vacation... lucky baby.

i'll post pictures then