Thursday, August 20, 2009

three days of summer

Post inspired by our dear FUN friends over at Ducky House,
who have posted about being at the lake with us. 
A huge thank you to my dad who graciously opened the door of their cabin to the two Tam(-i)(-my)'s and their 8 kids for the day. We all had a delicious time frolicking in the water, paddling in the boat, eating hotdogs and watermelon.

Our three days of summer were well spent... two of them with the ducky house clan.
My own photo record is of the day before the lake, when we braved the crowded Birds Hill Beach together...

Mumma Duck, dolling out the sugar.

Beach Baby (aka giant baby sand ogre)

Twin Ducklings (A and J) working on the fortress that afore mentioned sand ogre destroyed at every chance... therefor the fortress never was built to completion. sigh. But he was a cute beach ogre.
And yes we have had (insert pessimistic sigh here) three sunny summer days in Winnipeg this summer. Each one spent in the water, eating frozen treats, slathering on the bountious amounts of sunscreen that will expire in 2 months... here's hoping september is a hot and sunny month, for us homeschool parents who plan to take advantage of the vacated beaches once school is in...

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