Friday, September 11, 2009

this boy is getting SO BIG, SO FAST.

Sol lost his first tooth on Sept 7 and 3 days later (on his first day of grade one) he lost the second. Gaps in a boys mouth just seem to imply wisdom gained; a special passage into boyhood, out of toddlerhood. I am sad to see the baby go. But this boy gives me great joy and entertainment. (hey... look at that, the same shirt -3 day rotation)

Today while he was at school I made him a lunch bag. Using this tutorial and lining it with an old vinyl (poison poison) table cloth. (I justify my material choice with... it was free and will not be in direct contact with his food)

It is pretty thick, my poor machine had to work pretty hard to get through all those layers at times. I did Jacks only in the vinyl, making it more lightweight than Solomons. Jack also asked for a different design, this is the one he preferred. Personally, I like these but I am not this talented or confident yet, nor do I need a bagged lunch very often. (but my sister does, and she likes vintage pillowcases, I am sure) 

I may make adjustments to both these designs but for now, this is it. After the lunch sacks are done I plan to make matchy matchy sandwich and snack bags.

Yes Tiffany, you can come sew with me and we can make you some too. Oh and Judi when are your quilting parties starting up?


Tanis said...

COOL! Turned out great!

Cutey lose-y tooth boy :)

Tami Jo said...

thanks Tanis, did you read the edited version with Jacks lunch bag too? I think it needs a closure of some kind. I may re-do it.

Aleksa said...

the lunch bags look great! and Sol looks so handsome!

duckyhouse said...

did I hear quilt party?? is it open to strangers?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tami...nice job on the lunch bags! You need to get yourself a real old clunker for sewing the thick stuff. I have one that I used for making leather pants in the late sixties and early seventies. Quilting will probably start up in october when I get the bigger room ready and i will let you know...I'll let you know how many spaces I will have for machines and/or for people who might want to do hand work...I am very excited about this.


patty-jean said...

I love'em!