Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mixed Emotions.

I know I know... I have a homeschooling blog, I believe in homeschooling, I know I am a good teacher, I am a homeschooling mama.... I am. But today I sent my oldest and second baby off to public school. And I believe I am doing the right thing, for now.
I know it is temporary and I know it is good.
It sounds like I am trying to convince myself doesn't it? But really, I am at peace.

Our day started before 6 with Solomon up before the sun, bouncing off the walls with excitement. Then Jack up at about 7 ready to go -I was pleasantly surprised (usually we are dragging our feet to get anywhere on time) "We have more than an hour before we have to go guys"

-thankful for their enthusiasm as it made it much easier on me.
So with lunches packed, gym shoes and art smocks tucked away, we marched off, three blocks to school.

As we approached the already bustling playground our steps got slower. I asked if anyone was feeling butterflies, nervousness now. I got the Solemn Solomon (patent pending) head nod, the one with the chin dropped to the chest... that didn't lift until they were out of sight following their new teacher into the school. We had lots of hugs, no tears (until I had a tap on my shoulder and MY mom was there to support this "mumma's first day of school" That got the tears flowing)

So here I am. Researching handmade sandwich bags for eco-friendly lunches without waste or chemical plastic coating leaching into food... mylar lining or nylon? zipper or velcro closures? maybe elastic or simple foldover...

Waiting to walk back and collect my boys -with the promised box of Tim Bits in hand.


Aleksa said...

so cute! Hope your first day was fantastic boys!!! you too Tami!!!! and how wonderful is Wendy!!!!!!

i love you all!

Tanis said...

Looking forward to the POST first day update!!
Glad the send off was so successful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Tami..your mom showed up to support you!!! You are indeed blessed!


tiffany said...

so cute.
i'm excited for you all. lots of learning and fun and friends and free-ish time for you. hooray!
and you'll be a fantastic public school mom. your lunch bag research made me laugh. shall i come over and help you make them? i'd like one too!

Anonymous said...

Tami I love you. I am glad you are following your heart. Love the pictures and the boys bags. Let me know when you make your sandwich bags, what a great idea!


duckyhouse said...

You are a brave, good matter where your kid's feet take them.

PS...have you thought of oil cloth for your lunch bags?

patty-jean said...

You are a very Good Mama:) - and you'll always be their primary/#1 teacher wherever they are or wherever they go! There is a season for everything!