Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wool dreams

My New Bed... one day.

I am Daydreaming about my future bed, with the help of shepherd's dream.
Mike and I bought a new mattress and box spring about 7 years ago. We recently turfed the box spring as it caused the bed to sag on Mike's side of the bed, giving us both a cramped and uncomfortable sleep. So now we sleep with the mattress on the floor. (primitive- I know) But we are in agreement that we are in need of a new bed, a bigger bed (for all those nights we are joined by one or more of our children), a bed worthy of our new digs in the country....

In researching my "other" dream, of one day owning sheep, I came across the healthy properties of wool bedding. I am already a convert of wool diaper covers, so this is not a far stretch for me... It might be a harder sell for Mike, so I need to do LOTS of research and plan my arguement well. 

But who wouldn't sleep better on a sheepy, wooly, soft and natural bed!?

Perhaps one day I will be sunning my own wool in preparation for making you a mattress...

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patty-jean said...

Beautiful bed. I want aswell - I came across the same website in my searches for organic fabrics, $45/meter/yard? of organic wool blanket fabric! http://creativemommying.blogspot.com/search/label/sleep%2Fthe%20lack%20of