Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st therapy session, 2:1 (hit and miss)

I attempted the 90 minute shirt

-My first try was a miss (and a mess) 

My mistakes included not being realistic in the sleeve size... and so wasting a nice chunk of the awesome shirt so I needed to adjust by making it into a t shirt, then after sewing it all up and shaking it out, I realized another mistake in making the pattern.

I "eyeballed" it, as I didn't have something to take apart and copy. and OOPS!

The arm holes were too low and now we have a true "envelop" shirt. A disappointment, as I loved the retro look of the shirt. (I will have to try to salvage it somehow.)

-Second try... better. (the sleeves are still a wee bit tight)

-Third try... even better still with the addition of pants made from the sleeves. (with the exception of the added bum piece)

I am most pleased with Phin's P.Js. I will certainly try this pattern again. I just need to hit another thrift store for some good repurposing stash. Mike will not appreciate all his shirts disappearing.

Thanks for the crafting therapy encouragement...  I must add that after a full day sewing at the kitchen table, the boys in our "borrowed" house moved a big desk from the garage into an unused portion of the living room. (set up for the birthday of one of the crew)

I now have an honest to goodness crafting space...  if only I could keep the cat off my serger!

My next project may have to be one of these. This one at Sew Mama Sew looks cute and simplish, and over at Stacy Sews there is a cute example


tiffany said...

cute things, cute kids! good work, sister lady! i wish it was easier for me to come by for a sewing date, i'd love to join you for sister time and crafting time. i miss you! xoxo

patty-jean said...

miss you tj! looks great! thinking about you, b/c we looked at a property not far from the Ont. border this wknd.

Amy said...

Such a cool idea!! very cute!

Aleksa said...

they look great!