Monday, March 29, 2010

therapy session 2 : SCORE!

I scored at Value Village on Saturday. 

I went there in a bit of a "woe is me" funk, having found myself with kidfree / time alone and nobody answering their phone to spend it with me, so into the dirty dingy value village to look for treasure I went.

I always spend time searching the stapled up bags at the ends of rows... I get our school supplies that way, craft stuff, kitchen stuff and in this case... 2 brand new G diaper covers (along with a few disney princess training panties-which I have no use for) 

The make up of the g-diaper is an ultra cute g-pant with a plastic pants snap-in insert, into which you can put a flushable, biodegradable liner into... I have looked into those as travel options or, in the mean-time... 

My sewing therapy this weekend has been to make some re-usable/washable cloth liners for them and start using them now! Using this site as a guide line, I constructed a few liners, which will also work nicely with the flannel pocket diapers I made a while back.
Here is a gdiaper in action. Yikes, He is CUTE! My liners are constructed out of super absorbent microfiber t-towels, cotton flannel and a soft fleecy outer layer.

Also... while searching the Gdiaper site, I linked to this amazing chart. I had to share it with my cloth diapering friends... We are always looking for the best way to launder those lovely things.

I have been *gasp* using throw away diapers since we moved to Kenora, while waiting for the house to get some laundering facilities, now that we are outfitted for "back to cloth", I need to make another trip into the city to grab Phin's diaper stash.

I am working myself up to trying this.

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patty-jean said...

Love it - you are amazing! so good to see you back to blogging!