Monday, March 1, 2010

Crafting therapy.

After a crummy, emotionally unstable week, I took the idea of a close friend and made a project for myself to drag me back into a cheerful place. 

It started with a trip home to get the essentials (my sewing machine and serger)

Then I went "thrifting" at the same place she goes (since it's been proven a treasure trove) 
I had to avoid the teacup area because another shopper was chewing her gum in an aggressive, annoying way and my mood was not ready to not make a scene telling her to stop chewing like a farm animal -never a good way to make a friend - so I moved on. (at least I had that much self-control)

I did come out with many items to transform, projects I have been itching to start. 

I have been stalking the MADE site with all its boy themed tutorials during the month of February and have bookmarked several that I need to try. and discovered other incredible sites through that one, like noodleheads... with even MORE ideas to steal... erm make for my boys and friends!

Stay tuned as I climb out of this slump and start creating happy again. I will share my progress, as soon as I find where I hid the batteries for my camera! (sigh)


Aleksa said...

Sorry you had a crummy week.
They come and go
Love you

duckyhouse said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy week, I dare say it may have been spurred on because your sewing machine & serger were at home. *hugs* I really miss you these days. Wishing you happy thoughts :) :o)