Wednesday, July 11, 2007

38.8* record high!

*Really* I thought this was going to be an escape from the Winnipeg extreme summer temperatures. I was told typical weather here, in Point Roberts WA, was a comfortable 15-20ish warm... I am far from comfortable in this un-airconditioned blazing heat! the ONLY thing that saves it for me is there are NO mosquitos.(edited to include: LIES ALL LIES- after posting that there are no mosquitos I went out to watch the kids cool off in the sprinkler...and was bitten by 3 mosquitos!!!)
Okay, and that we are having so much fun! We visited Maple Beach today and had lunch, dug in the sand, played in the tide pools and were amazed by how quickly the tide came in! It crept up on us super fast!
naps are a necessity.
The boys are reluctant to sleeping in the afternoon, but we are not recovering well after our long flight and losing 2 hours... I know, it's not much, but for a 2 year old... and his mommy, that is a huge loss of time and sleep. not to mention that we are sleeping in strange beds, with different room assignments... every little change in routine is affecting our sleep patterns, and we are all missing Daddy! Did I mention It is HOT!!!!

Lighthouse Park was a beautiful evening outing. we collected rocks that a lucky few may recieve in the mail...

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tiffany said...

looks like you guys are having a great time. miss you!