Saturday, July 14, 2007

Visitors @ the Point.

Friday the 13th brought quite a surprising cast of characters into our company, there was grandpa scary guy who had a convincing rumbley nose blow...
and many other cute and terrifying creatures in the form of a fashion show.

Then we took our visitors, Kevin, Nicole, Melanie and Gina Anderson to the Marina (and they treated us to a meal at the Dockside cafe.) followed by a walk at Lighthouse park where we watch a fisherman pull in a SHARK!!!

The Fisherman had snagged it's dorsal fin and instead of taking the hook out, he cut off the fin and left it there to die. Our friend Kevin put it back out in the water for a chance... there were many out-raged animal lovers (despite it's sharkness)that were saddened by the unnecessary cruelty and disregard for the life of our sea creature friend.
Kevin's Blog recounts his view on this event...
the rest of our time at the park was nice, we enjoyed another sunset and another beautifully lit photo shoot.

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